Wearing different wigs make you different

30 Jul 15 - 21:51

If you often change your hairstyle, it will do harm to your hair and what can you do without wasting time or damaging your hair? At this time, choose a wig that is suitable for you is the best choice.

1.If your hair is short, you can wear a wig that has oblique fringe and it can modify your face well and let you look fashionable. 2. Long black wave wigs collocate with green clothes make you elegant. 3. Parting center wigs let you look younger and lovely. 4. Shoulder length wigs with a felt...

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Want is thru hole degree?

08 Jul 15 - 04:29

The thru hole degree of hair means that the ability of hair corneous layer to absorb and permeate 
dampness. Everyone has different hair thru hole degree. When hair is penetrative, the thru hole 
degree will be stronger. In the sun, the color is different. With many colors wigs can be judged that the wigs is made of the reclaimed hair from barbershop....
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